Privacy Policy

We want to be as transparent as possible about what data we collect, and how we use it.

  1. When you create an account and login to the Lexico platform, we store your e-mail address and any questions, templates or documents you create or generate via the Lexico platform. That data is stored on Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.
  2. If you choose to connect Lexico with third party platforms like Slack, we also store OAuth credentials needed to communicate with these platforms. These may be tied to you as an individual user, to the organization you represent (e.g. the connected Slack workspace).
  3. We also keep logs that may contain IP addresses of your sessions, and offsite backups physically located in Australia.
  4. Automated e-mails containing generated documents are sent via, and stored on, Google cloud infrastructure. We do not currently store records of Slack bot conversations, but may do so in future.
  5. Uploaded documents may be sent to Microsoft Office Online for rendering inside the Lexico platform. Further information about Microsoft's privacy policy may be obtained from
  6. Our billing is operated by third-party provider (Stripe and Chargely), and we do not store credit card or other personal/corporate billing information.
  7. Unless we have otherwise agreed in writing with you, we may access/use/analyze document data (for example, to train machine learning models).
  8. We will not disclose, sell or licence that data to anybody outside Avinium Pty Ltd.
  9. Our e-mail communications with you may also be sent via MailChimp. Further information about MailChimp's privacy policy may be obtained from
  10. Our website uses Google Analytics. Further information about Google’s privacy policy may be obtained from
  11. Concerns?