Why Lexico?

The fastest way to get employees on-board and up to speed.

Centralized paperwork

Fast on-boarding

Happier employees

Building better teams.

New employees sign a lot of paper before even walking in the building.

You know the drill. There's the interview, the offer, the contract, the pension and payroll forms.

The list is endless. It's time to make life easier for them, and for you.

Ask one set of questions, and generate everything you need to bring a new employee onboard.

HR managers use Lexico for:

  • Offers of Employment
  • Employment Agreements
  • Pension Nomination Forms
  • Tax Declarations
  • Use existing Word documents
  • Drag, drop, create
  • Generate & distribute property paperwork in minutes
  • Complex logic
  • SaaS platform - get started today.