Your digital paperwork assistant.

Generate work orders, client contracts, and employee paperwork.

For freelancers, advisers, startups and corporates.

Integrates with Slack, Sharepoint and others.


Tag existing documents with questions.


Collect answers via web, Slack and others.


Create documents and send via e-mail, Slack and others.

Lexico is the fast, reliable way to create routine paperwork.

  1. What's the employee's name?
  2. Are they full time, part time or casual?

Onboarding a new employee?

Or need a new contract with a client?

Editing one Word document after another is not the answer.

Lexico is designed to handle the paperwork needed to get your business moving as fast as possible.

A seamless experience for clients, colleagues and employees.

The smarter way to run your business

Use existing Word documents.

Upload and tag documents with questions that need answers.

Easy to use.

An intuitive interface makes it easy to link content with question & answer pairs.

Powerful logic.

Go beyond text answers to build custom logic for more complicated documents.

Download, e-mail or integrate.

Allow generated documents to be e-mailed, downloaded or sent to third-party platforms like Slack.

Paperwork made simple and accessible. Connected to your daily tools.

The extra help you've been looking for.