Paperwork, without the hassle.

Contract automation, turning questions, to answers, to documents in seconds.

Contracts are important.

But routine documents consume an enormous amount of time. Staying on top of e-mail chains, names, addresses - it's a job in itself.

Lexico automates contract creation so you spend less time in your inbox and word processor, and more time on the work that actually matters.

Work smarter.

Let colleagues or clients generate contracts in real-time via the web.

Contracts are immediately generated and e-mailed to you, with a record of every answer provided.

Automate the entire question, answer and creation process to maximize responsiveness and slash time spent on paperwork.

Drag, drop and go.

With an intuitive, drag-drop interface inside Word, contract automation is a breeze.

Lexico simplifies even the most complex logic, ensuring documents capture every answer you need.

Get more time, today.